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Improve road safety for kids of St Patrick's Primary School Kogarah

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Traffic during school pick-up time around St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is a danger to pedestrian's and urgent changes are required to ensure the safety of kids.

Issue 1 - Intersection of Gray St & Princes Hwy

  • St Patrick's Catholic Primary School Kogarah is located on Chapel St, Kogarah.
  • The main school gate is on Chapel St where approx 85% of students exit the school (not Princes Hwy) and walk down and out onto Gray St.
  • There is no 40km/h school zone anywhere on Gray St. Nor is there a pedestrian crossing on Gray St. This means that kids must cross at the pedestrian lights at the intersection of Princes Hwy and Gray St.
  • This intersection is very dangerous and is not included in a 40km/h school zone.
  • Cars turning right into Gray St from Princes Hwy (Southbound) queue across the intersection (as its often grid-locked at school pick-up time), making kids walk out & around the cars and out onto the first lane of the highway in order to cross Gray St. Also cars traveling westbound on Gray St crossing Princes Hwy queue across the intersection on both sides of Gray St at the Hwy.
  • Many cars do illegal U-Turns on Gray St to avoid being stuck in the school pick-up grid-lock, adding to the danger for pedestrians.
  • Around 3pm, many cars illegally turn right into Chapel St (going up the one-way street the wrong way) to find parking at the bottom of Chapel St without getting stuck in the grid-lock queue).

Proposed changes

  1. Extend the 40km/h school zone on Princes Hwy to Ocean St
  2. Introduce 40km/h zone to Gray St.
  3. Implement ‘No Parking’ during school pick-up times along southern side of Gray St, to enable a clearway for cars to pass the queue of cars waiting to turn into Short Street to join the school kiss’n’ride line (& hopefully reduce the incidents of cars queueing across the intersection turning right into Gray St from Princes Hwy).

Issue 2 - School Kiss and Ride Zone

Approx 8 out of 10 times in 1 week there is at least 1 car parked in the Kiss and Ride zone during kiss and ride times. This creates danger for kids and grid-lock for cars around the whole school precinct. Council parking rangers patrol the zone, and issue fines diligently. However it is clear by the frequency of cars parked in this zone that it is effective at revenue raising, but NOT effective at protecting the safety of kids. The school principal is constantly communicating to parents about the kiss and ride zone rules and procedures via school newsletters, special notes sent home, via school communication app, as well as verbally at school assemblies. It is clear that the offenders who park in this zone during school times are NOT from the school community. Most people who park here are going to the hospital, so would be one-off users of the zone.

Proposed changes

  1. Painted road markings on the road to more clearly indicate the kiss and ride restriction zone and the No Parking times
  2. Start the No Parking in Kiss and Ride zone from 1.30pm (instead of 2.30pm) allowing more time for people to move their cars from the zone.

We call on the members of the Traffic Advisory Committee of the Georges River Council to consider the proposed changes and implement measures to improve the safety for pedestrians and children of St Patrick's Primary School, Kogarah. 

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