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Improve public transit between Metropark and North Edison to bring relief to NJT commuters

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The frequency of NJ TRANSIT Bus 804 is extremely inadequate to meet rush hour needs of commuters on this route. This bus has the worst frequency of all the busses that follow Metropark loop. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to a large number of loyal commuters. Commuters that miss a round of 804 bus have to typically wait for the next one anywhere between 35 and 59 minutes.


Anyone under the impression that Bus 804 is not much in demand, should view the evidence at this link.


Average one-way commute time of people partly or fully utilizing NJ transit, commuting between North Edison and New York City ranges between 75 and 100 minutes, which is way above U.S. national average and that is really frustrating.


Here is our request.

Increase frequency of 804 bus to every 20 minutes during the time (both AM and PM) it operates.

Please consider the following ways to address this. You can choose the best of the below or a combination of these approaches to accomplish the end result.

1.  Add another bus to serve the route of 804 to achieve 20-minutes frequency.

2.  Add New Dover Road - Grove Ave - Inman Ave extension to existing route of bus 48 to increase the service available to commuters.


Aside from the above, a large number of people have to unwillingly recourse to using car to commute between North Edison and Metropark rail station just due to the poor frequency of this bus.  You will not find these people if you were to survey the utilization of bus 804, but would gladly start using it, given right frequency.


The better the service becomes, the more commuters would prefer using NJ Transit, which will reduce traffic congestion on New Jersey roads and cut greenhouse gas emissions.


With Respect and Regards,
NJ Transit Commuters in North Edison

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