Improve our lives legally using online and new technologies.

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Physicians, financial advisors, and advice givers only deal with those in front of them or communicating with them. What about everyone else?

Use deep machine learning, automation, and the Web to improve lives and maintain rights and freedoms legally. Use swarm intelligence, swarm computing, stigmergy, and all layers of the Web for this purpose. Do so by identifying symptoms of things that make human lives better or worse. Then, intervene legally to spread and increase benefits, and to prevent or treat detriments.


·         Accuracy, Continuous Improvement, Efficiency, Excellence, Skills and Talent Identification

·         Adam Grant’s Successful Givers’ behaviour, patterns, and beliefs deeply, far and widely

·         Employment rate (not necessarily labour force participation rate)

·         Financial Independence and Financial Literacy

·         GDP and Prosperity

·         Good Luck

·         Growth Mindset

·         Health and Safety

·         High risk, high reward, cutting edge treatments of the terminally ill and those committing doctor-assisted suicide

·         Human potential and living up to potential

·         Meeting Human Needs

·         Net Good (and Great) Job Creation

·         Positive Emotions

·         Innovation, Productivity of Capital and Productivity per hours worked

·         Quality of Life, Quality of Relationships and Standard of Living


·         Highly accurate, personalized predictions with recommendations for improving life or lives


·         Adam Grant’s Matchers’, Takers’ and Unsuccessful Givers’ behaviour, patterns, and beliefs

·         All types of illnesses, injuries, and nocebos

·         Bad Luck

·         Burnout

·         Cheating, Doping in Sports, Intellectual Property Infringement, Plagiarism, and Untrustworthy Patterns

·         Conflicts of Interest and Corruption

·         Costs (except income from employment)

·         Crimes

·         Deaths

·         Degradation

·         Fatigue

·         Financial problems

·         Fixed Mindset

·         Ineptitude, Mediocrity, Irrationality (actual, not seeming) and Limiting Beliefs

·         Negative emotions

·         Pollution and adverse climatic changes

·         Poverty and Stagnation

·         Toxic relationships

·         Unemployment, underemployment, and employment of more than 55 hours worked per week