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Improve medical facility and take action against doctors and staffs of SSL hospital, BHU

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This is to discuss and improve condition of Sir Sunderlal Hospital, which has been one of the finest and oldest hospital.

My perception towards life has changed in last few years. Two years back I had a normal happy family. And then I lost my mother and things changed. I accepted the fact that everything will fade away one day. I was always very particular about regular health check up and after my mom I became more vigilant for my family's health. My dad Mr. Gireesh Chandra Upadhyay has liver cirrhosis since last 10 years and so called DOCTORS in Sir Sunderlal hospital, BHU (Banaras Hindu University) couldn't detect this that time and they kept treating him for malaria, typhoid and what not. Later he was treated in Mumbai and since then he is doing good. My Aunt Ms. Madhumati Upadhyay (who was no less than my mom and was support system after my mother's death) was detected with fatty liver in Jul 2016 during a regular checkup, also ultrasound indicated no serious threat. 6 months later in Dec 2016 she observed blood loss, and then we got to know that she has liver cirrhosis linked oesophageal varices which were bleeding, causing blood loss and drop in platelets. She was admitted in BHU on 18th Dec 2016 for treatment where blindly she was given a lot of iv fluid, blood and platelets which increased the fluid burden in body and she developed ascites. The condition became worse when lungs started taking up the fluid and ultimately she developed hepatic hydrothorax. Well educated doctors at BHU kept treating the symptoms and not the disease. Till this point doctors were confident about her recovery. Because of fluid in her lungs she developed breathing issues causing tachycardia. In BHU, you will be surprised to know that just like general wards, in special ward, medicines are administered by patients' family and not by the nurses. Nurses are only there to give injections and changing iv (at times they insist you to do that also). So, on the advise of eminent doctors, we shifted my aunt to ICU so that she can get best care. But things became worst in ICU because nurses and doctors in ICU were more interested in their pizza parties, mobile, gossip and WhatsApp. My aunt started bleeding profusely from mouth while in ICU and no one attended her. Family was not allowed inside the ICU. Coincidentally, my sister went inside and saw her bleeding and immediately called the nurse, who came casually and questioned my sister that why she came inside. Because of bleeding her platelet count again went down and she was given iv fluid and platelets, later her pCO2 level went up and so she was kept on ventilator to get down her pCO2 level. Next day i.e. on 4th Jan 2017, we were informed that she was no more. We were shocked and shaken. While we were busy finishing discharge formalities a nurse came to us and gave us a long list of medicines which will be required for my aunt. We questioned her if my aunt is still alive. Surprisingly, she didn't even knew that the patient was declared dead. Without showing any grief or regretting for the misunderstanding she left. My aunt was hospitalised since 18th Dec 2016 and had no bed sores till we were taking care of her, but in 3-4 days in ICU she developed bed sores. My grandfather Mr. Yadunandan Upadhyay (Dhanwantari award holder and a person who dedicated his entire life to BHU), was head of Sir Sunderlal hospital once and so throughout our life we trusted BHU. But what happened to my aunt is an example of pathetic medical facilities and irresponsible doctors and staffs at BHU. Conditions of ICU is worst than a general ward and doctors at BHU work like any other government employees. I USE TO FEEL PROUD THAT MY FAMILY WAS ASSOCIATED WITH BHU, BUT NOW I FEEL PATHETIC LOOKING AT THE CURRENT CONDITIONS OF THE HOSPITAL. It's not just about my Aunt, we know other cases also where they faced a similar conditions in Sir Sunderlal Hospital. I'm writing this today after 6 months of her death because today again one of my acquittance who was fit and fine 72hrs back died because of doctors' negligence. I'm not a person who will play blame game blindly because I'm also into a medical profession and I know what kind of medical condition can led to what consequences. Such an inhuman behaviour from one of the most pious professionals is totally unacceptable and needs strict action.

Attached are links and references of similar cases in SIR SUNDARLAL HOSPITAL, BHU in last few years. These are just few examples, but there are many more such cases which indicates that something somewhere is going wrong. And I'm determined to take this to higher level.


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