Improve how the St Andrews Student Union treats societies

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The St Andrews Students' Association is an organisation that is supposed to support the many and varied student societies that are part of the university. Societies are an important part of university life for many students, allowing us to meet with others that share our interests, bond over activities and passions, and enhance our university experiences.

Unfortunately, many of us have found that over the past few years, and particularly recently, the Students' Association has not met the expectations of the societies we are members of. This particularly seems to be the case with smaller, more niche societies, several of which have voiced their concerns along with ours. Some of the problems that have been encountered include:

  • Removal of room bookings (often at very short notice) for Union-organised events to go ahead, or because someone in the Association "wasn't keen" on the idea
  • Being given permission to advertise in the Union, only for that permission (along with the posters) to be mysteriously removed
  • Confirmation that the Union will provide things, ranging from advertisement to particular equipment, which have then not been provided, leading to events being unable to be badly attended or not go ahead at all
  • Slow responses to important requests
  • Problems with union funding
  • General hostility and lack of co operation from certain Association members and staff, and other Union staff.

We have tried to address problems as they arose, and have been met with a mixture of indifference from members of the Student's Association and yet more promises that have been left unfulfilled.

For many societies, the Union is the best, if not the only, viable option for venues in which to hold our events and socials. However, we have been left with the impression that some societies are not as welcome in the Union as others.

Our aim with this petition of to get the SA to acknowledge their shortcomings and make a conscious effort to accommodate societies more, making clear decisions that are not revoked without a valid reason, and most importantly to have constant and unambiguous communication with societies to ensure that both our, and their, needs are being met.

If you or your society has had specific problems with the Union before, please don't hesitate to put the details in along with your signature. :)

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