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Improve roads (precisely School thoroughfares) frequented by Children nation-wide in India

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Many schools in rural, semi-urban and even urban for that matter have connecting roads (or even main roads) that provide a thoroughfare to school premises that are in appalling condition that poses risky commute for students, staff and parents. These roads are so frequently used by children commuting back and forth to the school from home and the neighborhood in-between. Many of these roads are either narrow, poorly laid, muddy, puddly and/or filled with potholes, scattered with sharp stones and large pebbles posing danger (in risky stretches or in whole portions of the roads) to children and women (and even men) commuting by feet, in bikes, bi-cycles, cars, vans, mini-vans through the stretch during the day and during the wee hours and during night-time, a nightmare to tread along these stretches with poor lighting conditions adding to the woes.

Since this is a major civic issue concerning the little buds (kids) all around the nation, adequate relevant measures should be promptly taken to widen the roads (even if it means acquiring the side lands), clean up and make it neat for a risk-free commute. At the time of relaying these roads, utmost care and caution should be exercised as well, taking into account the students, school-goers, all users and usefulness of these roads that connect schools throughout the nation.

One such narrow stretch of road that is being used as a school thoroughfare (like an arterial connecting road used by all motorists and includes all vehicular traffic) in the vicinity that connects and provides thoroughfare to PSBB School (Siruseri, Chennai 603103) that poses risky conditions (needs a clean up and widening of the road) for the neighborhood communities is in M R Radha main road, Siruseri, Chennai 603103, Kanchipuram Dt., Tamilnadu, India.


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