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Petitioning Minister for Community Services State Government of Victoria

Improve and Enforce Minimum Standards for Disability Services Providers

People with severe intellectual disabilities cannot speak for themselves when being neglected or abused. Families who speak on their behalf often face stone-walling and obstruction from the organisations managing the service. They shouldn't have to. The minimum standards should be improved and a body with some power should be introduced to enforce them.

Letter to
Minister for Community Services State Government of Victoria
I want the Victorian Government to Improve and Enforce Minimum Standards for Disability Services Providers.

Minimum standards must be increased - e.g. one staff member per shift with Cert IV in Disability, training for strapping wheelchairs in buses (like Taxi drivers), Safe Food Handling for everyone making meals, Dietician training for everyone creating meal plans for the house etc. Basic safeguards need to be implemented.

A form of accreditation and minimum quality framework for each supported accommodation residence must be developed and implemented.

There must be significant disadvantage created for any Disability Service Provider who fails to meet the minimum quality standards of care - not just "naming them in Parliament".

It is the government's responsibility to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

The parliamentary inquiry in 2009 into Supported Accommodation documented issues which are still continuing today.

When is this going to be fixed?