Impose President's rule in Karnataka

Impose President's rule in Karnataka

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Started by Sdpi Karnataka


The Hon'ble President of India

New Delhi


Respected sir,


Subject : 

1) Misuse and misappropriation of funds, irresponsibilities, anarchy, corruption, nepotism and discrimination against miniorties, daliths by the Karnataka state government 

2) Urging you to Impose President's rule in the state.


The BJP government in Karnataka has been indulging in widespread corruption and plundering commissions from every transactions by the ministers. The people are frustrated and disgusted by the state government as the corruption is rampant from villages to State level. The people are suffering and panic by the anti-people policies of the state government. 


Few days back, a contractor from Belgaum by name Santhosh Patil who was a regular worker of BJP has committed sucide by writing a death note stating that minister KS Eshwarappa and his personal assistants were demanding 40 percent commission to clear his government work bill. Education Minister B. C Nagesh is also involved in 'school uniform' scam and has been exposed demanding bribe in 'school uniforms' given to the children. Minister B.C Nagesh has became so notorious in playing uniform politics related to hijab that denied examinations to Muslim girl students.


The scandal in "appointments of Police Sub Inspectors" is a big shame to Karnataka state and an open betrayal to the entire public. Home minister Araga Jnanendra is allegedly involved in this scandal. Home minister's close associate's husband has been arrested in connection with this scam. A district leader ABVP (student wing of RSS) has been also arrested and enquiry is in process. BJP's own party MLA's like Vishwanath, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal too have openly said that their government in karnataka is absolutely corrupt and have involved in several scandals.


The BJP government led by Basavaraj Bommai has dropped several plans that were to be implemented for the welfare of the minority communities. And many number of welfare schemes alloted for the purpose of empowerment of minorties are been abandoned. No amount is released by the government to run minority empowerment schemes. Thus the minority welfare programs are curtailed.


Karnataka state has been witnessing a very calculated and organized attacks on Muslims, Christians and Daliths by the goons of BJP, Bajrang Dal and other Sangh Parivar elements. These communal goons are in a spree of attacking women and students too which are increasing day by day. The ministers and leaders of BJP party are openly delivering hate speeches against Muslims and Christian communities.The law and order has been totally collapsed in the state and there are huge complaints about the police brutality. The Karnataka state government has totally failed in maintaining the law and and order. In many crime instances the Police are acting as a common spectators giving silent consent to Sanghi thugs in their savagery. Despite complaints against such savagery, actions are not initiated against them. If the perpetrators are affiliated to BJP or Sangh Parivar, the government is pressurising the state police not to file action against them. In many instances the ministers and BJP leaders were shamelessly defended the criminals openly and not allowed to arrest them by the police.


If the Police department fails to maintain the law and order or absolutely biased in their duty, then what is the necessity of the government machinery in the state? In view of welfare of the state, it is inevitable to impose Presidents rule in Karnataka.


Hence, SDPI Karnataka state committee is urging the Honorable President of India to dissolve the government of Karnataka immediately and impose President's rule in the state without any delay.

861 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!