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Capilano Ltd , politicians and the Chinese elite.

Simon Mulvany
Melbourne, Australia

Apr 21, 2019 — 

The Chinese elite have out manoeuvred Australians by purchasing Australia’s essential assets including farms, ports and regional airports. This will see future generations of Australians beholden to wealthy foreigners.

Politicians from liberal and labour governments and their families have been cashing in at the expense of hard working Australians in a scam that starts with foreign donations to political parties. Everything is on the table... even our food security.

Corporations, in this case Capilano Ltd, were legally free to import an enormous amount of foreign Chinese honey - both a biosecurity risk and reason Australian beekeepers now get significantly less money per kg for their honey.

Jodie Goldsworthy from Beechworth honey claims we have lost over 15 percent of Australian beekeepers in the last decade as a result of a low honey price because of imports.

Many beekeepers have ended up selling their apiary sites to Capilano Ltd.

Capilano Ltd was last year sold to an Asian consortium, led by Hong Kong born billionaire Albert Tse, with a strategy to sell pristine Australian honey to the wealthy Chinese.

The Capilano “scheme of arrangement” that has allowed Bravo BidCo Pty Ltd (a company owned by HoldCo, which is indirectly owned by Wattle Hill RHC and ROC Capital) acquire 100% of the shares in Capilano does not pass the sniff test OR the pub test. The corporate collusion used to facilitate this takeover deserves an inquiry.

Capilano shareholders and its faithful consumers deserve to know:

How is it in Capilano beekeeper suppliers interests for the Capilano board to grant its CEO Ben McKee at least 60,000 share options with a total imputed value of approximately $400,000?

What was billionaire Capilano majority shareholder Kerry Stokes’ role in the takeover ?

How it can be justified paying the $5million “adviser re-imbursement costs” to Albert Tse and his consortium?

Why corporate regulator ASIC had significant public policy concerns about the deal?

In 2013 to 2015 Chinese-linked companies and individual donors poured more than $5.5 million into Liberal and Labor party coffers. Unfortunately our politicians seem to work for their foreign political donors and not their voters.

You can’t trust politicians but you can trust your local beekeeper.
Find your local beekeeper on the honeymap.

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