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Save the bees natural beeswax sunscreen.

Simon Mulvany
Melbourne, Australia

Nov 17, 2017 — Please use natural sunscreens.

Avoid all sunscreens with Oxybenzone.

Oxybenzone is used in hairsprays, cosmetics, nail polishes, and in over 3,500 sunscreen preparations worldwide.

You would prefer that any chemical you slather on your skin stays outside your body. But oxybenzone is very fat-loving (or lipophilic), so it crosses the skin easily. On average, oxybenzone will appear in the urine of over 96 per cent of those who apply it to their skin

Common sun screens contain oxybenzone. Oxybenzone has been proven to have harmful effects on coral. In fact, it has four separate bad effects on baby coral.

First, it predisposes to coral bleaching at lower temperatures than normal. As global warming kicks in, and the oceans become even hotter than normal, then oxybenzone causes even more coral bleaching.

Second, oxybenzone damages the DNA of coral, in many different ways. This includes 'oxidative damage to the DNA, formation of cyclobutane pyrimidinic dimers, single-strand DNA breaks, cross-linking of DNA to proteins', and so on and so on. The overall result is that coral with damaged DNA are less able to reproduce. In the case of the coral that are able to reproduce, their offspring are likely to be unhealthy. This leads to each generation of coral being less healthy than the one before.

Third, oxybenzone acts as a powerful endocrine (hormone) disruptor in coral. The juvenile coral produce too much calcium carbonate. They end up totally encasing themselves inside their own skeleton. Inevitably, this leads to their death.

Finally, oxybenzone deforms the juvenile coral. They stop swimming, change shape, and their mouths grow five times larger.

Purchase natural beeswax Zinc here with proceeds going to (savethebeesaustralia)

Funds raised help to continue to campaign for bee killing neonicotinoids to be banned and imported honey banned or atleast labelled with country of origin.

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