Petition Closed

As leading national parties and potential rulers of our country, you should set high standard of moral values and transparency within your organization immediately. It will be a good beginning to fully implement Right to Information act and proactively make important documents including all donation information public. People of the country deserve to know fully how the parties that they voted functions internally and who supports them. It is our right to know and our votes is directly tied to your action on this matter. People of this country are united in saying: "No RTI, No Vote".

Letter to
President - Indian National Congress party Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
President - Bharatiya Janata Party Mr. Rajnath Singh
General Secretary - Communist Party of India (Marxist) Mr. Prakash Karat
and 3 others
President - Bahujan Samaj Party Ms. Mayawati
General Secretary - Communist Party of India Mr. S. Sudhakar Reddy
President - Nationalist Congress Party Mr. Sharad Pawar
Implement Right To Information act and bring full Transparency in your party

We, the citizens of India, demand that all political parties, especially the leading national party as yours, immediately implement Right To Information (RTI) act as per the latest decision of Chief Information Commissioner and ensure full Transparency in the party's functioning. We are appalled that your party has so far rejected the notion of transparency and to implementation of RTI act with the false excuse of not being a public entity. If a party that is going to rule this country is not a public entity, we don't know what is. You have a moral obligation and responsibility to be open, honest and transparent to people of India and we expect that you will change your positions on this regard and immediately implement the RTI and publish the entire donor and donation information proactively.

Finally, it is our right to know and our votes are directly tied to your action on this matter. People of this country are united in saying: "No RTI, No Vote". We look forward to your quick action on this matter.