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Implement our Anti Bullying/Anti Violence Program in all public schools Nationwide, which has already been successfully implemented in Texas.

Bullying and Violence in schools has not been resolved ~ It is escalating.

My name is Natasha Gonell.  Pamela, Michelle, and I are sharing this Petition with you because all three of our sons were bullied and/or battered in school.  Despite our many attempts to get help from the School Boards in Broward County, FL and Houston, TX; everything was swept under the rug leaving us to handle the after effects, which have been devastating for our children. We also have friends who have had to bury their children due to bullying and violence in schools.  We decided it's time to take action and speak up for our youth.  

Since we were unable to get help from the school boards, we came up with a solution to help prevent Bullying and Violence in schools.  We did just that with our Peace Patrol ABZ Program, which has already been implemented successfully in Houston, Texas.  Now, we would like our Anti Bullying/Anti Violence Program implemented Nationwide.

Peace Patrol ABZ is a Peer on Peer Program similar to other programs that already exist in schools across the nation such as the Safety Patrol Program.  

It does not cost the Government or taxpayors any money, so why not implement it in all schools?  It's working very well in our pilot school in Houston.  Parents, teachers, administration, and most importantly the students have thanked us for the Program and told us what a difference it has made in the school environment.  

Our peer on peer program teaches our youth how to be responsible and accountable for the way they treat others.  They are provided with an outline as to what a Peace Patrol ABZ member's duties are.  They also must sign a pledge to honor those duties as a member.  The program teaches our youth Diversity, Kindness, Accountability, Peace, Respect, Unity, Honesty, and other positive character traits.  We believe these traits must be learned or the violence and bullying in schools will just continue to escalate.  Our youth want to learn in a peaceful environment where they can focus on academics, not violence and bullying.

With our Program teaching the youth good character traits, we believe it will lead them to become better adults.  With all of the issues such as hate, racism, and violence in this country happening as you read this, we MUST get to our youth NOW or change may never happen.  

We have a chance to make a difference for our youth that will also impact their futures.  PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO SIGN AND SHARE OUR PETITION TO HAVE PEACE PATROL ABZ IMPLEMENTED IN SCHOOLS NATIONWIDE.  Thank you!

Give students rights to safety, dignity and respect as human beings they deserve.

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