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No More Delay! State of emergency in Boston.. ER's turning patients away. Pennsylvania resorts to tenting. Health children dying.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID/NIH) announced that the current influenza Epidemic is on an "uptick".  Chicago, Minnesota, huge swatches of America are reeling and now deaths are reported in California, a state in which thousands of homeless people and undocumented workers may fear contact with public health authorities.

California is critical. An explosion of infection there can create a deadly "second wave" across the rest of the nation. DOH epidemiologists warn that the day s are numbered.


 On an interim basis we urge your personnel to work with the Department of Health to adapt the 2009 pandemic guidelines to current conditions. We are fully cognizant that the current epidemic is a seasonal flu and not a pandemic flu, but infection control remains a priority.


Update: Flu season has passed with much suffering. Now tuberculosis has broken out in LA. There is no time to waste.



Letter to
C3H Steering Committee The Honorable Helene Schneider
South Coast Homeless Advisory Committee/ C3H Collaborative on Housing Supervisor Lavagnino
Collaborative on Housing, Board of Supervisors Stephanie Langsdor for Supervisor Farr
No More Delay!

Please Implement Influenza/Tuberculosis Control Protocols in Warming Centers, Jails and Shelters Immediately!

We are deeply concerned about elderly, infants and pregnant women as well as people who are homeless or incarcerated having to endure suffering and possible adverse developments such as pneumonia or iatrogenic complications. Please assure that the warming center and shelter staffing includes appropriate enouragement of WASH protocols (water, hand washing and cough hygiene) and implementation of the protocols for homeless shelter operations during influenza epidemics. Please assure that no one has to languish homeless on the streets with influenza, which may progress to pneumonia and may spread disease to other vulnerable populations.

Please peruse materials available at the National Health Care
for the Homeless council as adapted by your health department, as well.

Thank you for remembering that lives are on the line.

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