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Ronald Spears started this petition to Imperial County Board of Supervisors

"Desert Shores is a severely disadvantaged community within Imperial County, California on the shore of the receding Salton Sea. The shoreline, and the whole Salton Sea ecosystem, has been devastated by diversion of water under the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) desert to coast water transfers pushed by the State government in 2003. Seventeen years later the State is barely starting to meet it's legislated obligation to restore the Salton Sea. On top of that Imperial County was the hardest hit by Covid-19 in the State and is just coming out of a public health crisis.The State of California must contract with some of the several qualified Imperial  County based project managers, civil engineers, and builders to do the waterfront restoration work at Desert Shores, whether directly,or through the County government. This will create a double benefit from public money. It will help the Imperial County economy recover from theCovid-19 crisis and at the same time restore damage done to the Desert Shores  community and to the Salton Sea by the State's QSA water transfer policy."

On July 28, 2020 the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District( under the direction of Imperial County Board Of Supervisors) held a Board Meeting and voted 5-0 to sign the Memorandum Of Understanding on the Desert Shores Channel Restoration Project ( Desert Shores Restoration Project) which is a “Good Faith” agreement with the California Natural Resources Agency (State) to move forward with the above mentioned Project. I am still trying to get confirmation as to whether California Natural Resources Agency has signed the Memorandum Of Understanding but it is apparent that both sides have come to a mutual understanding regarding the Project. The next step in the process is to appoint a “Program Manager” that will be responsible for design of the Project ( pump system and berm placement ) and selecting engineers to consult and implement the design plans.

California Natural Resources Agency will be the Agency that selects the “Project Manager”   and the companies mentioned to be candidates for this job are Tetra Tech and Cardno. Both these companies are large consulting conglomerates that we believe will be too large and not Project specific in their goals as demonstrated from past Project performances.

We feel the “Project Manager” should be a local company that has had a good working relationship with Imperial County and whose employees will be local workers whose employment will benefit the local communities in which they live.

This Petition will be presented to the Imperial County Board Of Supervisors encouraging them to pass a “Resolution “ to hire a local company to be “Project Manager “ for the Desert Shores Channel Restoration Project.

All electronic signatures on the “Petition “ will be presented to Supervisor Ryan Kelley who has been instrumental in achieving the Memorandum Of Understanding between Imperial County and California Natural Resources Agency and is strongly committed to the success of this Project.

We are encouraging anyone that would like to see the “ Desert Shores Channel Restoration Project “ become a reality to sign this “Petition “ and encourage family and friends to add their names.

We have accomplished a lot in getting to this point, we now have to COMPLETE the job!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!