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To ban the booking of grand piano rooms for people who use them for practising the horn.

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People are booking grand piano rooms, sometimes more than one hour a day, to play instruments which do not recieve any kind of musical improvement just from being played in a grand piano room. There are plenty of solo, wall piano rooms which people who play the horn can use, so I believe they should be forced to book those first and only be allowed to book grand piano rooms if the solo rooms are already booked.

This is stopping many high level pianists, which are not few at Imperial, from practising in an adequate instrument, and overall disuading them from playing. These people need at least one hour a day to mantain their current musical level, and the bad distribution of resources is not allowing them to get this. Besides, at such a level, it is simply not possible to not play piano (which is already a bad consequence of the status quo), so many of these students will eventually feel that Imperial College does not care about them, and they will find another university where they can ensure one hour a day of practise in a decent piano. This is hugely negative for the university, because it is losing some of the best performing students (generally high musical level and academic level are related), and in the long term, word will spread and high level pianists will simply go to other universities, making the overall musical and academic level of Imperial fall. Besides, pianists will be unhappy and unhappy people are more likely to commit suicide. Imperial has already a high enough suicide rate. We definitely do not want that to increase, or it will be all over the press, creating a very bad public image of Imperial and reducing its position in world rankings.

The solution is simple: a simple tweek in the online system to ensure that people only book grand piano rooms for playing the piano, or once all solo rooms are booked, enabling people who play other instruments to book grand piano rooms. In the case of ensembles, simply let the pianist book the room, or just register as an ensemble to gain access to grand piano rooms.

Please consider this. It is a very important issue for some students, as happiness of many is on the line.

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