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Impeach Congress Members if the Federal Budget is not Balanced within One Year


The Federal Government in the United States has grown beyond its bounds and now wishes to continue spending our way into record high deficits from year to year while subsequently causing economic turmoil for future generations. They simply do not know how to reduce wasteful spending because their mentality is vitality through a large central government. The latest information from capital hill shows the Democrats arguing for $5 billion spending reduction while the Republicans are arguing for $50 billion. Unfortunately, BOTH representative parties are WAY off the mark. So it is up to the citizens to demand a balance.


The problem with arguing between $5 billion and $50 billion is that we are much closer to $2 trillion over the budget and this means that if this level of spending continues for the next 10 years that we will be paying $1 trillion each year as interest on our debts alone. This is astronomically large and will inevitably lead to the failure of our economy and country as a whole. We cannot spend money that we do not have and MUST act now in order to bring the spending down to sustainable levels.


The consequences of not taking charge of our financial future are much larger than the ordinary citizen realizes. With our debt being owned by other countries we are very effectively transferring enormous amounts of wealth out of our country. The majority of this transfer is fueling China's now flourishing economy. The effect of this transfer will be a continued decrease in the standard of living within the US as well as increased inflation causing a dropped value of our currency. How is this maintaining our competitive edge as Obama has claimed time and time again that he would fight for?


Please help your own country in its time of need and vote to impeach congress members not taking the financial crisis seriously by refusing to cut federal spending. Your help is crucial and we need only voices of the populous willing to shout out for what is only rational; that the federal spending MUST be balanced with our budget, immediately! Every signing of this petition is a voice that will cumulatively be taken as the voice of the populous. We the people are demanding financial responsibility in federal spending.


The future of our country depends on our voices being heard and understood on Capitol Hill!


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