Impact Manifesto

Impact Manifesto

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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Mercy

Power of Investing
Investing is a powerful tool that can reshape business, creating massive environmental and social impact. Thus, careful consideration must be given to the allocation of investment dollars. The problem is that the financial industry prospers when there is a high monetary return to be made, and this often occurs when the price does not accurately reflect the product's true cost. As a result, for centuries, we have neglected the environmental cost of our products, and finally, we are paying the price. 

Market Failure
Governments and high-net-worth individuals are still pouring resources into industries that generate economic value at the cost of the planet. If the financial services industry were a country, it would rank as the world's fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This market failure has led human impact on the planet to reach unprecedented levels.

Most of us are aware of this. We experience rippling physical, emotional, and economic effects from watching and experiencing climate disasters. Climate change has begun, and the future will depend on how we manage current global systems. 

Monopoly of Wealth 
The world's richest 1% own nearly 50% of global wealth, creating an enormous power imbalance. We cannot continue to allow the 1% to dominate financial systems. 

It is a crucial time for the climate, and we need to make investment decisions that will lead to a better future for people and the planet, not solely profit. Our best approach is to allow everyone to be a decision-maker and participate in the sustainable transition.

Transition of Money for Good 
Technology is increasingly becoming more complex, allowing us to achieve things never thought possible in human history. It enables the formation of global communities and the quick spread of information. 

The climate crisis is one of the largest obstacle humanity has ever faced, but we have never been so prepared to take on this challenge. We must leverage every resource available and empower the masses by creating opportunities for everyone to participate in transparent investment opportunities that benefit the planet and people.


Our Demands 


Everyone must have the chance to participate in the sustainable transition. 

Everyone must have the opportunity to give back to their communities and be involved in what's happening around them 


We want to throw away our feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and stress associated with climate change. 

We have decision-making power, and we will make the right decisions to be on the winning side of this battle. 

Triple bottom line returns 

$5 trillion in annual investment in the SDGs is needed to limit global warming within safe levels. We need to have opportunities to invest in projects supporting these initiatives. 

We need investment opportunities that value environmental and social impacts just as they value monetary return. 


No more greenwashing! We want an explanation behind green terminology. 
We need to see how our investments create environmental, social and monetary value. 

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!