Remove Pepe

Remove Pepe

April 1, 2021
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imoderator scpf
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Why this petition matters

Started by Muhammad Muhammad

  Pepe is highly undeserving of his position. He's highly incompetent, doesn't do anything (even I did more as -E than he's done as ScD Dir), and literally posted gore yet got unbanned. 

  Examples of Pepe's incompetence:
• Had "Scientific Council Applications" and made someone Scientific Council because of it, this is literally freeranking and having applications for an HR position should not be a thing 
• Once again, he posted gore and claimed he "didn't know it was against the rules" despite it clearly being against both the server rules and Discord ToS, the fact that he was then unbanned and became an HR is BS
• He has the worst English ever, I get not having English be your first language, but it's near impossible to understand him at times, and sometimes he genuinely just doesn't know anything, regardless of his linguistic capabilities
• Pepe is very, very immature. I get not taking lego roleplay seriously, I don't take it seriously myself, but he acts like a total moron which honestly makes the SCPF look bad
• He doesn't understand much at all, during CI raids he would constantly PM me asking me where I was so he could hide with me, which would honestly give away my position and get me captured which would have given CI tons of points. He would try to ask where I was on the radio even, despite there being a stolen radio gamepass, adding onto this, he would run around and sometimes purposefully get himself caught (if it wasnt on purpose, he's even more of a dummköpfe than I thought

I hope this is enough reasoning for his removal, if not, I'm sure I can think of some more points.

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Signatures: 128Next Goal: 200
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