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Keep America from keeping kids parents and families away from each other with deportation

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My father got deported from America when I was 6 years old ( in 2005 )  for something he did way back in 1992. He lost his business, kids, family, house, cars, clothes everything they sent him to the Bahamas with nothing and made him sit in a cell before they took him there. They told him he couldn't come back until ten years. Since then my father would miss everything in his kids and families life because he couldn't come back to America. So then I got Cancer. When I had cancer they finally let my dad come to America to come see me, his other kids, and friends and family. After a while when I got better they told him he couldn't come anymore even after he waited the ten years they told him he had to wait. So now ever since then he has missed several events and me and my brothers and sisters life's, Graduations, first time getting a job, teaching us how to drive, birthdays, party's everything and just physically being there in are lives ya know. And I'm sick of it I'm sick and tired of not being able to see my dad here anymore. I'm tired of them keeping my father away from me when he doesn't even want to be away. So I made this petition for kids, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, just all families with the same or a similar problem I am having today. I really miss my dad being in my life like crazy and the fact that I haven't really been with him since 2005 I can hardly remember a lot of the stuff we done. and he wants to be in my life more then I want him in it so I don't think its fair that he cant come to America to see his kids and his family when there's people out there that don't even care about there family or care about there kids and my dad is the one dad that would do anything to be in his kids lives. So anyone reading this I need your help to make this a real cause, I need you to help me get this message out to the world, out to everyone so they can help me with this problem I would really love and appreciate ever and anything you guys can do to help. Thannk you so much !

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