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Immigration Reform or Give Back The Statue of Liberty

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You must know by now that the reason immigration reform has not entered the must do list is because all politicians would need to re-strategize themselves to accommodate the newest citizens. Mexicans are more likely to vote liberal to democratic. This will truly be the complete demise of republicans and democrates posing as "for the people".

I would not be surprised one bit if the BP spill was not an accident. Purposely caused to move the focus of the people. We must not allow this to hold true. We must get our government to multi-task. As they ask of us, work and pay taxes and still feed our families. So, it is not unfair for us to demand the same. Our government is on it's last leg with the people of this great nation. Demand from your government truth of the constitution, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the individual sees it, not as some big business government sees it. ALL MEN AND WOMEN WILL BE TREATED EQUAL NO MATTER OF RACE, CREED, OR COLOR.

The Mexican people have the right as humans, to live amongst us, for we are the same as them. Our bloodlines go back to those who came to this country because they wanted a better life, away from their overbaring and unjust rulers/governments. No difference from our start here in these "UNITED" states.

Tell the world that here in the United States of America, We are the land of the free and the land of the brave, We will take on our own government and force them to do our will, and We truely will take your tired and hungry without delay or fuss. And if not, we should give back the Statue of Liberty, for we do not deserve her grace anymore.

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