Overhaul the Parents & Grandparents immigration process

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Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada stopped taking regular Parents & Grandparents sponsorship applications in 2011. After a 2 year gap, 10K applications were accepted again, on first come first serve basis. System was again overhauled in 2017 when a new lottery system was introduced and 10K applications were accepted out of a total of 95K. However after drawing severe criticism, in 2019 IRCC scrapped the lottery system and again started on online application on first come first serve basis. On January 28th 2019, the interest form to sponsor Parents was made available only for 5 minutes and 27K applications were accepted. Many people did not even get a chance to even see the form, some were able to fill the form but were not able to submit it. 

The process to sponsor Parents is very unfair and frustrating for the Canadian families. The process requires families to pay high tax for a number of years without any guarantee of a successful sponsorship application. Also people who unsuccessfully apply for sponsorship do not get any priority over the new applicants the next year. As a result, an applicant can be left waiting unsuccessfully as new applications keep piling. The number of applicants is growing every year which is further adding to the problem.

It is quite clear from all this that this sponsorship process is not working. The system need to be completely overhauled and maximum cap should be taken off. At least older applicants should have some priority over new applicants. Canadians deserve a fair immigration system where they can sponsor their parents and be with them in a timely way.