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Reconsider Illegal in the US looking for better life and opportunities


They are the actual pilgrims that leave their countries looking for a better place to live peacefully a decent life. Why are they condemned now and treated as criminals?


My husband, Luiz Carlos de Assis Jr., has been incarcerated since October 12th of 2011 for crossing the Canadian border to be with his family. Since then, his life has been a difficult one being exposed to criminal and dangerous environments. He has been transported to three different jails to this point, being mistreated, humiliated, and denigrated as though he were a criminal.


What’s  his crime? After having lived in the United States for some years, he went back to Brazil in an attempt to come back later into the country, by proper means and have a legal status here, without success. He then became desperate after not being able to see his family, me and our 6 months old baby. He crossed the Canadian border to join us. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but it was the only way he could figure to see us. He just wanted to be with his family.


Please sign the petition to free Luiz Carlos de Assis Jr. From the first time he came to this country and lived here for many years, he has been a hard working member of his community with no legal issues living a clean and simple life with his newly found home and family. He never strayed the path of the righteous; he did not even have a traffic ticket. I am a legal permanent resident of the United States, with a house and a business we operate in community. We have two sons 6 and 4 years old, both of whom are born in the United States. We are only asking that we have the opportunity, as did your forefathers, to live and work in this country. We want to make this a home for us and our children and make this a better place for everyone. Thank you sincerely!

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