Stop Deportation

To whom it may concern
I like to make a note to the Immigration authorities, that in this day and age and with all that is happening in the world and with all that Canada promotes in the world that it stands for, in terms of supporting human rights and caring about families and those opprest, discriminated against because of their race , religion , culture and political beliefs unless it is itself against humanity, or sexual preferences in any way and sort, it is a shame and ignorance of our government to go against all these we stand for as a nation and deport nice families and individual people that are coming to this land, to be sheltered and harboured, especially nice innocent people that could very well be a future productive members of this society, more so shameful as this land is very large and has capacity to have and feed many many more millions of people to come and still be prosperous. Let us Not Forget that the base of moral values and Laws of this land is built on Christian Pillars and values and for sure, LOrd Jesus Christ would Not like to see this kind of dismissal and discrimination being forced on people such as Mr. Mehdi and Galyna. Those of you dear people that have the authority must and will
answer to our Lord one day on that last day of judgement, so as the word of God says, Let us be kind and loving to those of our neighbours and not turn them away when they come to us needing help. Thank you.
God bless Canada

Ms. Hasti Mossavat, scarborough -Ont, Canada
4 years ago
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