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Immigration New Zealand please let me stay & be a good dad

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Hello everyone.

I would like you to sign my petition so my son gets to grow up in New Zealand with his dad.

This is an open letter to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and Micheal Woodhouse the immigration minister,

I have receive so much wrong and misleading Immigration advice of immigration New Zealand that immigration lawyers have been struck off and had a heavy fine,

I am a carpenter for the last 20 years and have the skills that New Zealand needs and New Zealand is a member of the UN rights of a child and them rights are.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely ratified convention in history.

The Convention sets out the rights of children, aged 0 to 18 years, and the responsibilities of governments to fulfill those rights. 

 Growing up with both parents are one of them, 

Recognizing that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, 

The Convention includes the responsibilities of parents, governments and children themselves to ensure the rights of children are met.

The best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.
I do believe that I have been treated unfairly and I feel that this is my last resort as I do not want to abandon my son, who, like his mother, is a New Zealand citizen. 

I wish to stay in New Zealand so that I can be a proper father to my 7 year old son.  

I have been engaging with Immigration New Zealand on a good faith basis for a number of years, but have received incorrect advice from the department on at least six different occasions.  I believe this poor advice has left me in the position that I currently face, and raises serious questions about the operation of the department. I only have proof of 4 as the other 2 are not recorded.

I believe that the mistakes by Immigration New Zealand officials have made my position increasingly difficult and have now resulted in Immigration New Zealand telling me that I can no longer stay in the country.  

 If I am forced to leave New Zealand i can no longer be a father to my son who i get from friday evening to sunday evening.

When I was a child, my father was never around - and when I had my son, I promised myself that I would be the best dad ever.  I will not be able to continue with that promise if I am forced to leave the country. for over 2 years and my son is a very sensitive boy and this will affect him so much. 

A number of people that I have spoken to support my position, including a compliance office and an immigration officer. My friends sister worked for INZ and she told me i have no option to speak out because i have a stand down period of two years minimum and that's even if i can back into New Zealand. 

Also, the ex-Minister of Immigration Nikki Kaye says on her facebook page. "I am not judgmental about how families should be structured if it works, it works.  If you have the skills, love and commitment to bring up a child, then I support you".  

Richard Martin New Zealand most corrupt immigration lawyer told me do not leave New Zealand if any corrections need doing to your folder, because its almost impossible to get this done when you leave New Zealand, so i will be taking this advice as i need this for INZ London. For a visa i can no longer probably get, 

About 4 years ago I made a complaint to Immigration New Zealand about the way that I was being treated - INZ only answered some of my complaints and ignored the rest.  It admitted one of the alleged mistakes but three others remain outstanding and still need to be sorted, because there the most important ones.

I understand that my complaint is still open because you circulated your way around the law and you can't do that because,

Julie Reed from the serious fraud office says.

The law is the law, and you don't circulate your way around the law, even if you are immigration - by circulating around the law you creat an unfairness for all. The rules, whether they are about immigration or anything else, are intended to apply to everyone equally. Circumvention of the rules undermines any fairness in society. As such, I am asking you to respect the law - just as I have - and give me what I need.  On your complaints page it says that you will admit your mistakes, so I would like you to acknowledge the mistakes made with my case so i have another 3 to sort out before i leave.

When my son asks me, "dad why did you leave me?", I will be forced to tell him there's no more I could have done - it went to the top.  If I didn't have my son, I would have left New Zealand and got on that plane a long time ago. 

But I haven't, because I will do everything I can to keep my son in my life, while doing my best to follow the rules made by Immigration New Zealand. There only one rule, DO NOT GET ON THE WRONG SIDE OFF THE GOVERNMENT and it should be a very simple rule to follow.

If you have any kind of problem with the rules,


I have a long history with INZ that I feel could have been avoided if I'd received the correct immigration advice a long time ago.  I admit that I have said some highly unintelligent stupid stuff to INZ - this has cost me between $100.000 - $120.000 with around 2 years worth of lost wages, five teeth and now I face the prospect of losing regular contact with my child.   I'm sure you can imagine the frustration this has caused over the years. I bet you would be frustrated if you lost 120 grand in wages  I don't care about the 120 grand or the teeth now - all I care about is my child.  

 It has been a very tough time for me.  For 5 months I was even living in my car.  I don't know how I did it, but i had to. At one point, I was walking through Birkenhead and I saw someone throw some food in the bin - I almost went to the bin to get it out, before I thought to myself that I'm not eating out of the bin.  I had a relationship at the time, but I was so stressed, I turned into a horrible person and she never had her pr and could not sponsor me.  You would not believe the amount of mess and destruction that wrong immigration advice has cause me.  I saw a press release from Immigration telling people about the impact of bad advice, so they know all too well how much damage bad advice can do.

I have been so stressed by the situation that I park my car in the supermarket and by the time i come out, I have to look for my car because I can't remember where parked it.

I am only human and I know that Immigration officers are only human too - we all make mistakes. 

I don't have any problem with immigration and of cause you need it, the only problem i have is so many people with so little knowledge.

I have be unlawful twice in New Zealand before i found out jobs have to be registered with work and income, so something went wrong.

So Micheal Woodhouse, I am asking you - please don't take my child off me and let another child grow up in New Zealand without a father, so will you grant me residency and let me get on with my life,

 Thank you.

Tyrone Cooke


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