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Help unfairly deported Father get back to his Family

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Please sign this petition to Immigration NZ to help my friend overturn his unfair 5year deportation, all because of a birth date mistake on his passport!

His 8yr old Girl and Wife desperately want him back and are struggling to cope without him. They are an extremely close family unit and never spend time apart. 

Click this link to hear the Radio Live interview by Mark Sainsbury today with his wife: 

They do not deserve this, have done nothing wrong and they are the nicest people you could ever meet. Hardworking NZ business owners and dedicated family oriented people who i am proud to call friends and Kiwi's.

He has been deported for 5years, when he was the one that brought it to the attention of NZ Immigration that there was a mistake, and he was here on a valid visa and with his parents who's paperwork was all correct. 

This is an honest law abiding citizen who was the one that pointed out the mistake to Nz Immigration, if he had not done that they would never have known. Now him and his family have been paying lawyers for 7years battling this, costing them around 25k so far to no result. All the correct paperwork proving his identity and the simple mistake has been provided and even police records showing he has never been on the wrong side of the law. 

Yet here we are punishing honesty and hard working, tax paying kiwis. 

This is hugely unjust and unfair and Immigration NZ need to overturn this absurd decision immediately!!!

Please help us pressure them to overturn this! Thank You all in advance for your support.

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