Immigration policies separating Australian families.

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Australian families are being torn apart by current immigration policies that are failing to be fair or just. My friend who has lived in Australia all his life apart from the first ten months being born in the UK; however has no ties or memories. He is currently detained in a detention center awaiting deportation because he is no longer desirable to be Australian. Ben has a large family here & especially a five year old daughter who is about to start her life without her beloved father if this decision stands, this will negatively impact for more than just Ben's future if this is not corrected. The regulations have no heart. SAVE BENNY MCGRATH, ASK FOR MERCY TO CONSIDER HIS APPLICATION FAVOURABLY, he has made mistakes; but wishes for rehabilitation, he has suffered incarceration instead of hospitalization, he has mental illness and has lacked consistent treatment & as a result been imprisoned for his actions; which he always taken responsibility for, his Friends, Family & Community do not consider him dangerous; they all wish to see him healthy & live a long life in the only home he knows AUSTRALIA - he is not a drug dealer, is not a sexual predator, does not have any gang affiliations & definitely is no terrorist. Help me get the Minister to save my friend and Willow's dad. He is not a refugee, he can't afford a lawyer, has no voice, is not wealthy & he needs support. I seek signatures to achieve this unfair decision of deportation against Ben to be overturned.