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Let Nathan Support His Family

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Nathan Mills wants one thing: to provide for his family Including his 11-year-old son who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

The 39-year-old American citizen is a decorated Iraq war veteran who moved to Canada from Michigan in 2007. He lives in Port Hope, Ontario with his wife Amanda (Mandy) and two sons, who are all Canadian citizens.

Nathan wants nothing from the people of Canada. He is a hardworking man who simply wants Immigration Canada  to honour one of the many promises and deadlines they have given him and his lawyer Christine Roth.

Nathan applied for permanent residence and work permit last December with spousal sponsorship. At the time he was told it would be “a couple months” until his work permit was approved. After many months of waiting, several lost documents on the part of Immigration Canada, (some lost multiple times)  incredible difficulty reaching anyone, and the passage of several deadlines provided by immigration Canada reps, Nathan finally received his his packet from from IRCC.

Upon opening the envelope, Nathan noticed one small problem. The packet was not his. He had received a temporary residency rejection letter for a 60 year old Brazilian woman and all the confidential information belonging to her Canadian sponsor in Nova Scotia. He was instructed to “leave Canada immediately” and return to Brazil.

Nathan’s lawyer Christine Roth immediately called Immigration Canada and the Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. No one replied to her many calls and emails. It was not until a week after Global TV’s Tom Hayes ran a story about the saga that someone finally contacted Nathan. They contacted him directly, bipassing his lawyer in an attempt to retrieve the other person’s confidential information. No explaination was ever given for the many mistakes and as of November 7th, 2017 (nearly a year after the “2 month” process was started) Nathan still has no work permit or legal means of supporting his family.

Again, it is important to remember that his wife and two sons are Canadian. Nathan is a veteran, skilled carpenter, and wants nothing more than the ability to work and pay taxes like everyone else. This government has a track record of going out of its way to help people from other countries come to Canada. Why not simply fix this injustice for someone already assimilated to Canadian culture and allow him to support his family?

Many of you know Nathan and his family as they are part of the community. Nathan doesn’t want 14 million dollars or anything for free. Your signature will let the Immigration minister know that you support his family and want action from immigration Canada. Let him work. Let him take care of his family.

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