Add your name to the letter - Immigration Minister: Don't Deny Visa for Tyler the Creator

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Add your name to the letter - Immigration Minister: Don't Deny Visa for Tyler the Creator

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Eleftherios MK. started this petition to Peter Dutton (Minister for Home Affairs) and

Tyler the Creator plans to return to Australia this September. I, as a fan of art and freedom of expression, have written to the Immigration Minister asking him to not deny the visa of Tyler, the Creator.

Let the Immigration Minister know where you stand. Read the letter and scroll down the page to add your name.

The Hon. Mr Peter Dutton

MP Parliament House

Ministerial Office

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Dear Minister,

Recently, an organisation known as 'Collective Shout' wrote to you asking to deny the visa of Tyler, The Creator on the grounds that he is a misogynistic, pro-rapist, riot-fueling villain.

They cited lyrics such as ""You call this sh*t rape but I think that rape's fun, I just got one request, stop breathin" and "“You'll be down in earth quicker if you diss me tonight, I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest, And fornicate with it but that’s because I’m in love with you…c*nt.”" as proof of this, without researching the context behind those lyrics, they also cited riots that he supposedly caused and a 50 second youtube clip wherein he calls out a person in the crowd.

For the lyrics
Tyler, the Creator wrote a 3 album long story detailing the events of a man suffering with split personality disorder. The person who they are quoting is a character within the story and is clearly pointed out to be a bad person. Just like in any other work of art, the villain does bad things but is always known to be the bad person.

An interpretation of Tyler's work can be found here:

Collective Shout has refused to acknowledge this side of the story and have instead used carefully selected lyrics and images to fuel their vengeful tirade against Tyler, the Creator. 

If one wishes to focus and select particular lyrics and use that to negatively portray an artist without the use of context, then I refer to Bob Dylan when he states "you're an idiot babe, it's a wonder that you still know how to breathe", perhaps Jimi Hendrix when he states "I shot her!". Bohemian Rhapsody? Falsom Prison? Picking and choosing does nothing, only by looking at the whole picture can an interpretation be properly drawn.

As for riots, what about The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? The Doors? More recently, One Direction ( Separating fan action from the artist is important, Tyler didn't ask people to riot, it was purely the fans doing.

The youtube clip? In this video, Tyler tells people to chill out and 80's dance:

Tyler has inspired many people to believe in themselves, to be comfortable with who they are and to be welcoming and accepting to all, and to ultimately be a good person.

Lyrics and quotes such as

"The sky's your home, there's no limit, you know you gotta
Find your wings (Fly)"


"cause yall self esteem so fucking low. cut that shit out and start liking yourself. when that happens, you will start trusting yourself, then you trust your ideas, then you fucking become that person you really want to be, if you dont have any confidence let me be your fucking confidence."

Our point is that selecting lyrics to portray a person in a certain light is utterly pointless. Ultimately, it is more important to look at the person outside of the art presented.

Quentin Tarantino, William Shakespeare and Edvard Munch aren't murderers, rapists or racists because they write or paint it, they are simply using their avenue as an expression of thought, as a comment on society or to create a story.

Outside of characters in his songs, Tyler has never harmed a women. He works in multiple industries and not a foul word has ever been said of him. No court cases, nothing.

It is because of all this that the decision to deny Tyler, the Creator a visa should not go through. He is a hero and an idol to many, many people. A positive influence, and an inspiration. Banning him from the country doesn't solve the terrible issue of violence against women, nor does it send a message. Education, however, does. Helping people to separate fact from fiction in order to allow observers to enjoy art should be the ultimate goal. Turning Tyler, The Creator into the villain does not do this. It simply pushes away the issue without properly addressing it.

Thank you.

A fan of Tyler, the Creator and art.



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This petition had 852 supporters