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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 12 others

Immigration & Customs Enforcement: STOP Adelanto's expansion!

Immigration issues in this country are getting progressively worse. Our archaic immigration system continues to hold onto an arbitrary immigrant quota, detaining 34,000 immigrants each day. Mandatory detention of migrants have funneled money into private prisons, like the GEO Group, stretching government resources to the point of failure. Instead of an overhaul of the nation’s immigration policies, the government’s failed solution has been to build more detention spaces.




The Adelanto detention center already holds 1,300 male immigrant detainees. The proposed addition of 640 beds will make the Adelanto detention center the largest immigrant detention center in the country at 1,940 beds and will include a new women's housing unit. The Adelanto Detention Center is run by the GEO Group, a publicly-traded corporation that receives more taxpayer dollars for immigration detention than any other entity.

According to a compilation of federal figures by CIVIC, the GEO Group was allotted over twice as much as its competitor, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) for immigration detention contracts from October 2011 through last year.


Adelanto already suffers from multiple allegations of abuse and mistreatment, and was recently placed on Detention Watch Networks expose and close list.


The GEO Group and the Adelanto Detention Center have been the subject of countless abuse and neglect allegations, including the death of Mr. Fernando Dominguez while in ICE custody in 2012. Advocates have documented allegations that include inadequate health care, arbitrary and overuse of solitary confinement, lack of sufficient nutrients and maggots in the food. Detained immigrants have also reported harassment by GEO staff and intimidation by ICE officers. These allegations of abuse and mistreatment have placed the Adelanto Detention Center on Detention Watch Network's list of the worst detention facilities in the country.


ICE has a history of trying to silence the community concerned with abuses at Adelanto, including the shutdown of the community led visitation program and “Blacklist” of community members last year.




Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
Council Member of Adelanto Jermaine Wright Sr.
Council Member of Adelanto Edgar "ed" Camargo
and 10 others
Council Member of Adelanto Charles Valvo
Mayor Pro Tem of Adelanto Steven Baisden
Mayor of Adelanto Cari Thomas
ICE Field Office Director Mr. David A. Marin
CEO of the GEO Group Mr. George Zoley
Assistant Field Office Director, Adelanto Facility with ICE Mr. Wesley Lee
Assistant Field Office Director, Los Angeles Field Office with ICE Mr. Robert Naranjo
Deputy Assistant Director Custody Programs and Community Outreach with ICE Mr. Andrew Lorenzen-Strait
U.S. Senate
Adelanto City Manager D. James Hart

In light of everything that has happened at Adelanto, there is great cause to be concerned about the continued expansion of the facility! Funding should be prioritized around the humane treatment of detainees and immigration reform in general, and not prolonging the isolation of more people at the Adelanto facility.

ICE: Withdraw your plan to house detainees at the GEO facility. Don’t endanger more detainees at Adelanto!

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: Step in now and END THE QUOTA! Stop giving the private prison industry room to grow and continue to lock up our community members!

GEO GROUP: STOP construction of the facility NOW! Save yourself millions of dollars building a facility that is not wanted or needed!

CITY OF ADELANTO: Cancel your contracts with GEO Group. STOP investing in the prison industrial complex and start investing in community and sustainability!