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Immigration & Customs Enforcement ,President Obama: Stop Deportation of Martin Rodriguez - A # 073794960

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My husband came to the US over 20 years ago ,His father passed away when Martin was 15 , It was now up to him and his older brother to care & support for their family . Jobs and money in Mexico are hard to come by so he decided to come to the US in hopes of making a living to support his family & pursuing a dream . He has been productive in the construction industry as a mason with over 20 years experience and now has his own business in property preservation , He has worked very hard to accomplish what he has done and is very proud . In 2006 he went to Mexico to visit his family , upon his return , he was picked up by ICE and put in removal proceedings . It has now been 6 years later and we are still fighting to keep him here in the US . Even though he is married to a US Citizen , he is not eligible for adjustment of status because of his reentry in 2006 . The current immigration laws make it very hard for people in removal proceedings to receive adjustment of status . This needs to be changed , People that are married to US Citizens should be automatically eligible for adjustment of status. (Unless they are Murderers , Drug dealers , or Child Molestors ) . My husband is NOT a criminal , he is abiding by the laws of the land and he is being very productive for this country . He works very hard and it just isn't fair that people like him are being removed from the US. My husband is the kind of person that would take his shirt off his back and give it to you , He would give you his last penny . After spending thousands of dollars for attorney and legal fees , we are no closer to keeping him here than when we first started .  Does the US Immigration care if you have dreams of living in a free country? , Will they care if you have family here that  love you? . Will they care  if you have been productive and have abided by the law? . Will they care how long you have lived here and made a life for yourself here ?. Will they  care if you have a business and will lose everything that you have worked  so hard for and will lose if you are removed from the the US .  WILL THEY CARE IF YOU HAVE MADE THIS COUNTRY YOUR HOME ?.  His legal options are almost exhausted . Please sign this petition for him so that the laws can change and so he can remain  in the country that he loves so much . Thank You , Jean Rodriguez

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