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One of the most common misconceptions we Americans think is that once an immigrant and a US citizen marry the immigrant gets his gree card. I'm here to say that is 100% false. You have to hire a lawyer to file these confusing litigation papers. You have to sit back and put all your hope in the hands of people that you don't know and wait. I'm Melissa Rodas a United States Citizen. Not one but both of my parents served in the Army, my mother is retired from the US ARMY and she is a war vet. I have been waiting two year and two months for my I-130 petition for my husband Ruben Rodas (a094-217-672#). I filed my I-130 petition on November 25, 2009. My husband Ruben came to this country when he was 14. His parents sent him here to escape the violence, poverty and corruption of Mexico. Ruben did get to decided to come here. Can you imagine at fourteen your parents telling you that you were going to move to another country alone. Ruben did not speak any English he had never been away from his parents ever. Rubens parents sent his with a coyote to walk in the desert for five days with only the clothes on his back and a back pack with a small amount of food and some water. Could you walk for five days in the extreme heat during the day and next to unbearable cold in the night. Ruben's parents had their best intentions when sending him here. Fast forward eight years Ruben now a wife two stepchildren Devin and Gabriella. I'm not sure why they are called stepchildren he loves my children just as much as any biological father does. In fact more my daughter father choice not to be in her life Ruben took on that challenge I think he surpasses it. He spent most of his teen years without his father or mother so he makes sure Gabriella knows he is always here. He gets up every morning and helps get his daughter ready for school, getting any child ready for school is a tough task, especially Gabriella. Gabriella has ADHD and it literally takes and hour for her to get dressed and eat a bowl of cereal. He works six split shifts a week in a very popular restaurant chain.


Another common misconception is all immigrants want to take advantage of our government programs and assistance. This is not true for Ruben. He couldn't go to school here because he did not have the proper documents or a legal guardian to sign him up for school. He was able to get a job in a well known restaurant and has been working there ever since. How many people have had the same job for the they had when they were fourteen. Ruben has used any government program and has no plans of it.


People say immigrants are a burden to society. Ruben isn't a burden he has health insurance so he doesn't visit the ER and rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills he doesn't pay for. He coaches 5&6 year old in soccer two in the spring and fall. He plays soccer 3-4 nights a week at midnight after work. IS this someone who drains us America.


I'm not asking for amnesty or asylum. I'm asking that our government does their job and either approve my I13- petition or give me and answer why. The normal processing time is five months, whats taking so long. If my husband was a famous soccer player, or a movie star with millions of dollars we wouldn't have an issue. The government is allowing people who are willing to but a house valued at half a million dollars get a visa. Why cant they let a man who has spent his entire teen and young adult life here who works, has US citizens family member, and contributes to society a chance. USCIS please do your part I paid my fees and filled out my forms have patiently waited. John Morton released a st ament last summer saying that they were trying to weed out the low priority cases off their court documents. Grant my husband discretionary relief, not forever just until the rest of the government does its job and fulfills it duties to me and my children.

Letter to
Immigration Customs Enforcement and USCIS
I just signed the following petition addressed to: immigration and custums and uscis.

Approve my petition for I-130 for my husband Ruben Rodas

I am a US citizen. I filed my I-130 petition for my husband Ruben (a094-217-672) on November 25, 2009. It has been over two years and we have not been given an answer yet. My husband is an undocumented immigrant form Mexico. Ruben has been in the US since he was 14 years old, brought her by no choice of his own. We have no children together but I have two children that he supports and loves as if they were his own. I have a medical condition Ulcerative Colitis . I take medication daily for my conditon without medical insurance I would have to pay well over $1600.00 per month. This conditon often leaves me unwell and fatigued, during my flare ups I rely on my husband to take car of everything in our household. My husband is scheduled to leave the United States on February 24 2012. If his I-130 is not approved we will have to start over at square one. I am also hoping to get ICE to grant my husband discretionary relief while we are awaiting the decsion on the I-130. We are not asking for the goverment to drop his immigration case just put it on hold till we have an answer on our I-130 so we will know what the next step to our families future. We are trying to do everything the legal way not asking for amnesty or asylum. The current processing time for this case is five months. Why is this taking so long. What is the hold up, the government sure did cash the check i gave them and they recieved their money. We want an answer two years is long enough.


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