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Stop immigration fraud

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My name is Freesa Khan, I was born and raised in Canada, and I am a victim of immigration fraud. I would like to bring to your attention of how I became entrapped into a never ending battle with a man who used me in order to gain sponsorship to Canada. I believe we desperately need a change in our current immigration laws. This is my story:

I was 27 years old, looking to get married and settle down. Through a family friend, I was told about a man in Pakistan named Noman Salim. He was said to be an extremely caring person, and shortly after, we began conversing online. I was soon won over by his kind and charming demeanour, and we seemed to have a lot in common. After a few months, we got married in Pakistan, and I hurried back to Canada to begin the sponsorship process. I saved up money for a plane ticket to visit him once again and spend time with him. Shortly after, I became pregnant and was beyond excited to start a family with this man. I returned to Canada, and after our son was born, he was finally granted sponsorship. My parents were gracious enough to allow Noman and I to live with them, but unfortunately, I soon realized that the man I fell in love with had completely changed.

He complained about living with my parents, but refused to try to get a job in order to save money and move out. When he finally was employed, it was with my father, and he demanded to work the same shift so that my father could drive them to and from work. He barely spent time with his son, and when my parents brought up the topic of paying rent now that he was making money, he quickly got upset and threw a fit. Although he complained and got upset often, he was always quick to compose himself and apologize right after, telling me I just had to be patient.

One day in the summer of 2017, he claimed to leave for a driving lesson early in the morning. He never returned. The next time I heard from him was through a text message where he said he was sick of being enslaved and he couldn't trust me. I then received a letter from Immigration stating that he was on social assistance. According to the undertaking laws of sponsorship, I am financially responsible for Noman for the next three years. Because I do not have a job currently, the Canadian Revenue Agency is cutting our son's child tax benefits in order to pay Noman his social assistance money. If it weren’t for my parents, my son and I would be on the streets and in debt.

This man is getting rewarded for leaving his wife and son because of current Canadian immigration laws. He is fully capable of working, yet has managed to get approved for social assistance. Not only is he taking money away from his 1-year old son, but also as Canadian citizens, our tax dollars are going towards benefits like these. Our hard-earned money is going towards individuals who abandon all sense of responsibility and only care about partying and having a good time. They are able to take our money without working or contributing to society at all.

After speaking to many lawyers, I found that roughly 9/10 marriages like mine, end this way. I implore every tax paying Canadian to help me change the law and stop these individuals from ruining more lives. I believe immigrants coming on a marriage visa, or those being sponsored through marriage and/or family, should not even be allowed to go on social assistance. If we ban together, collect enough signatures, and take a stand, we can stop our money from being given to people like Noman Salim; those who neither need nor deserve it. Let’s stop immigration fraud together - we deserve better.

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