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Lend a Helping Hand in Reuniting me With my Family

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To the parents and humanitarians,

My name is Leith Al-Hashemi, I am a reputable and renowned speaker. I sought refuge in Canada over a year ago because my life and the life of my wife and children were at risk in my previous country of residence. I openly speak against extremist ideologies and radical terrorism and because of my fervent and consistent preaching against extremism in my home country and elsewhere in the Muslim world, I became a target of hate crimes. Virulent threats to my personal safety and that of my family occurred, and I was constantly harassed by the security and intelligence services of my previous resident country. I thus took the role of a dissident, standing for human rights and justice, since my main goal was to reform many deep-rooted misconceptions and propaganda perpetuated in the Muslim world.

Canada is widely perceived as being a country that welcomes new immigrants of all backgrounds with open arms, a country that assists and opens its doors to refugees fleeing war, poverty, bloodshed, and hardship. I therefore chose this great nation as my country of refuge, a safe haven where I could bring my family to live in peace and become productive members of this society. I could no longer remain in my country as the environment had become toxic, especially towards me because of my reputation and influence as a public speaker. I decided at the time to bring only my eldest son with me, who like myself, was also under grave danger. Pictures of him would be sent to my household with messages threatening the well-being of my son. Canada was generous enough to grant me refugee status approximately 6 months after I arrived here. This is the type of generosity and greatness of spirit that people around the world recognize as being symbolic of Canada's values and principles. But I have also been separated from my dear wife and remaining children for too long now, and their lives remain in danger and under duress due to the aforementioned circumstances. We are all suffering from constant anxiety and stress, which has severely hindered the mental and physical health of my children. It has almost been two years, and the health of my son has drastically deteriorated. The doctors have run many tests and have concluded that the only solution is that he is reunited with his mother. I have with me several medical reports that outline his poor condition. I will share with you an excerpt from a report written by Dr. Emad on March 6th, 2017: “… in regards to his psychological conditions. He is suffering from extreme anxiety and has difficulties sleeping and or staying asleep. He is constantly seeing nightmares and wakes up screaming regardless of the time of day. Instead of joining his friends for playdates or sporting activities like previously, he now prefers to sit alone in his room. He has random crying outburst and seems to be irritated for no apparent reason. Recently, he has been suffering from headaches that is sometimes accompanied by a fever. It is for the best interest of this child to be with his mother as soon as possible to prevent further damage to his psychological conditions.”

The report speaks for itself. As a father, I speak to all fathers and mothers, enduring this pain of separation away from my children is slowly killing us. Knowing that my children back home are under constant duress and danger pains my heart.  

Although I am extremely grateful to Canada to allowing me to seek refuge here, I am unable to enjoy the freedom and liberty of this blessed country while my family remain at risk of being harmed, harassed, or worse. I reached out to the local premier of Ottawa South and I sent emails and letters to the Immigration Minister and Office, but I have not been able to get a convincing answer or sometimes any answer at all. I would also like to say that my situation is unlike any other that may have sought refuge in this respected Country, as I stated, my family and myself were under grave danger. When I arrived in Canada, the court testified to the fact that my situation differs and it is an exception because it involves direct threats and danger upon my family and myself.

Henceforth, I thought I share this with you, fellow parents, humanitarians, and anyone who may lend a hand in order to raise awareness about my situation. I plea for the help of all proud Canadians who care about the plight of the suffering, to please show your support and contact your newspapers, members of parliament, or anyone else who may have an influence or be able to offer assistance. I wish only to speed up the process of bringing the rest of my family to join me here in Canada. We would simply like to be reunited as soon as possible, and I am in a constant state of worry and stress regarding their safety and well-being. I thank everyone for taking the time to read this, and appreciate in advance your well-wishes, prayers, and any and all help that can be provided to me in this situation. I want to be clear that I AM NOT requesting financial assistance, I am merely asking for people to spread the word and reach out to others who can provide assistance in the form of legal advice or related assistance to help resolve my situation and reunite me with my family.

If anyone wants more information or can help me in any way, please do contact me. Thank you.

With love and respect,

Leith Al-Hashemi

Ottawa, On


Note: I will be periodically updating this page in order to reflect my timeline as well as share with you some pictures of my children and how much their condition has changed since my arrival in order to show you the severity of the situation.

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