Help us keep a Vancouver Island family safe, together and IN CANADA.

Help us keep a Vancouver Island family safe, together and IN CANADA.

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Immigration Canada

Why this petition matters

Started by Barbara Neumeyer


This letter is a show of community support for the Mgbekonye family. We have been  informed that there is a possibility of Everest, Roseline, Blessing, Victory and  Divine not being allowed to stay in Canada permanently and that there is a  possibility of them being removed from Canada. We want to show Immigration  Canada that removing Everest and his family from Canada and separating them from the life they have built here would be very difficult for them, their friends, their community, and especially for Blessing, Victory and Divine. Blessing and  Victory go to school here in Canada, and Divine was born here in Canada. They  have a bright future ahead of them should they be able to stay here permanently  with their family. 

We request Immigration Canada to not put them in a distressing situation and we,  further, want to persuade Immigration Canada to consider granting the Mgbekonye  family permanent residence based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. 

Everest first arrived in Canada in 2014, Roseline first arrived in Canada in 2015,  and they have been a contributing part of the Canadian community since. Everest is  a graduate of Thompson Rivers University Kamloops. He worked so hard to see  himself through in the university and sustained his family too. Everest and  Roseline are immensely hardworking individuals. They have been risking their  lives during this pandemic working in the care homes assisting our seniors in  various capacities. They have been working diligently to ensure that they could be  financially stable and be contributing parts of our community as soon as possible. 

It goes without saying that, after dedicating several years towards establishing  themselves here, Canada has become their one and true home. Their establishments, associations, and accomplishments have been here. We support  Everest and Roseline’s aspirations and request that they are allowed to stay where  they belong. Please let them continue working towards building their future in  Canada, a place that they already call home. 

To be denied permanent residency and asked to leave our country would bring great  hardship and heartache to Everest and his family, especially during this time.  Removing them from Canada would cause a distressing situation for them. We do  not want to lose such compassionate and driven individuals; their full potential is  yet to be uncovered. 

Everest and Roseline are family-driven individuals who care deeply and love their family unconditionally. The pleas for the humanitarian and compassionate grounds  application rest greatly under the best interests of their children and their family.  Without a shred of doubt, we find Everest and Roseline to be honest and respectful  individuals and know that they already treat Canada as their home. If removed,  due to the underemployment and unemployment situation in Nigeria, due to their

age and lack of recent experience in the country, it would cause Everest and  Roseline painstaking efforts to re-establish themselves in Nigeria, if that were even  possible. We know that the Mgbekonye family would experience considerable  dislocation and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for Everest and Roseline  to find gainful employment if they were forced to return to Nigeria. If they are not  accorded permanent residence, they would experience considerable hardships. 

In their time spent here, Everest and Roseline have fallen in love with our country  and have become accustomed to our way of life here. They have become essential  members of the community. They make friends wherever they go and know the  importance of communal involvement. They are active on the lookout to contribute  more time towards community development. These bright individuals’ prospects  and potential would be limited if they could not remain in Canada permanently. 

Canada has provided them a haven which they could never have imagined back in  Nigeria. Their absence would be significantly felt throughout the community. We  would be worse off, as a societal group, if they were forced to leave us. The  Mgbekonye family treats us as their family and community. Please do not let us be  separated from one another. 

The Mgbekonye family is a prime example of what Canada stands for, a rich  cultural diversity. Removing them from Canada would be an unspeakable hardship  for them, their friends, and their community. They are valuable and contributing  members of society and community. We know that they will continue to give so  much more when they are permitted to stay in Canada permanently. We do not  want to lose exceptional individuals with caliber and potential like them. 

As a community we support this application for permanent residency based on  humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Please allow the Mgbekonye family to  stay in Canada. Every person undersigned here joins in this request. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

512 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!