Save My Father From Deportation

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My father came into the United States through the Mexican border. However he has an amazing reason to do so. His family died in a car crash so medical bills, funeral costs were a huge problem. Through grief and gloom my father had no way of making such money in Mexico, and atop of that, he had to take care of his remaining family, a brother, two sisters, and his mother who was pregnant. My dad manned up at  15-16 and came to the United States. He worked odd jobs and sent money back to his family. Slowly and thoroughly his family started getting more control of their situation. Eventually he gave birth to 3 kids all born here in the United States. He started renting a house and got to work. In May, 2010, police were pulled over on the side of the road stopping everyone that drove by. My father did nothing wrong, he was diving with a Mexican driving license and they arrested him. He was just driving home, he did not commit a criminal offense at all. After that he was held in a detention center and they took him from Arkansas all the way to  Louisiana. He was locked up for a month until he was released for a 5,000$ bail by his boss. He then went to court and was told to pay all his taxes which he paid to the IRS. After so he received a social security number and a work grant. He was able to obtain the United States drivers license. Every year he would have to go to an immigration Center in Fayetteville. They would also give him an extension to stay here in the US. Year after year he would continue to seek the extension until December 12, 2017, he showed up at the Immigration Center and they denied his extension here. He was about to be deported immediately, but his lawyer fought for a volunteer departure in which he would leave in 8 Days. Here’s the thing, my father had no criminal record here, he came here to support his dying and broken family in Mexico, he worked his rear end off for this country, paying taxes, working his official job, helping out senior citizens for extra money. All his kids here also have amazing records, amazing grades, good athletes. My father has been here since 1993. He gave birth to his first child in 2001. He was arrested. In 2010 and has been fighting ever since. All these years he’s been working, his family was raised here. We’re all a peaceful bunch. The news affected the small community in which we live in, as we were somewhat known through the town. Why would they split up this family if my father is not a threat to this country? Now we are forced to either live in poverty here or face harsh education faults in Mexico due to the lack of reading and writing skills in Spanish. We all have amazing grades, keeping an A-B average and we would like to pursue our education here. However, we cannot do so without our father. Imagine having the choices of either having your family split up, or moving to an entirely different area, where you aren’t assured a home or a good education. For those who have lost a father, through deportation, or even death, you know the pain of losing your father figure. Please sign and help us out, have some humanity. It means the world to us.