Let Francisco STAY!

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Our most talented cook is about to be sent back to Mexico. 

As a young man in 2000, he made a mistake. He used a friends ID to try and cross our border. As punishment, he was banned from coming back for 5 years. After he waited his 5 years, he crossed again with a proper ID and was admitted under a visa. 
He currently has a son who is an enlisted soldier in the US Army. He and his wife both work two jobs. They pay taxes, they keep their money in American banks. 
Formerly the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) would permit direct family of enlisted persons to stay in the US. Under the current administration however, they are making changes. 

One of those changes is to deport anyone with a "criminal record"; regardless of the circumstances. 
One-size-fits-all policies are never the answer. Breaking up a family is bad for not only the family, but for us as Americans. Francisco paid his debt to society for his crime. It was 18 years ago now. 

I shudder to think of how many people could reflect on their life and find worse grievances than using a fake ID. I know I can. If Francisco leaves, his wife and son likely will too. The US will lose a soldier and our cafe will lose a kick a$$ cook. All of this over a fake ID. 

Help us keep our cafe diverse and our food fantastic. Francisco is the "father" of our kitchen, the one who is always early and never calls in sick. And to see him go under these circumstances would be a true crime. Please help us keep Francisco here!