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Hirineo left Mexico and came to the United States in 1995 in search of a better life. Hirineo is a hard working man who has a family of 3 kids and a wife in North Georgia. Hirineo was recently picked up by the Houston County jail for Driving without a license and following too closely. This is the first time in almost 20 years that he has gotten in trouble. His Brother Enrique traveled 2 hours south to pay his bond in full where the Captain at the Houston County jail promised him that Hirineo would be released if Immigration did not come and get him by 12pm on Monday morning. Hirineo was picked up by immigraton at 8:30am this morning. Hirineo is currently at the Stewart Detention Center waiting deportation. He has 3 US citizen kids and a wife whom he is the sole provider of. According to the morton memo he is a low priorty case and should be released immediately. Also due to the impending budget cuts why would we waste money deporting someone who is not worth deporting? Please help me and his family to keep him here!!!



Hirineo Benitez Cervantes was picked up by Immigration this morning despite being a low –priority case and having no previous record.  He has 3 kids that need their Father.


Sample Script~

I’m calling on behalf of Hirineo Benitez Cervantes, He is a low priority case and he has 3 kids ages are 13, 8, and 5. He has been here since 1995. I demand that you release him immediately.


Stewart Detention Center: 229-838-1105 hit option 7 to speak with Warden Secretary!

Letter to
DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Director of ICE John Morton
and 1 other
ICE Assistant Field Officer J.D. Thorp
Stop the Deportation of Hirineo Benitez-Cervantes,
Name : Hirineo Benitez-Cervantes
Inmate #: 20131552 (When incarcerated at Houston County Jail) A#: N/A
DOB : 05-05-1978
Currently: Stewart Detention Center
Mr.Benitez came to the U.S from Mexico when he was 17 years old to look for a better life. He has been living in the United States for the past 18 years. He is now 35 years old lives in Sandy Springs GA and has a formed a beautiful family. Mr. Benitez has 3 U.S Citizen Children one who are 13, 8, and 5 years old.
Mr. Benitez works in construction and was pulled over on March 7th 2013 around 8:27am for driving without a license and following too closely on his way to work. He was taken to Houston County Jail where his criminal bond of $1,280 was paid and had an ICE hold placed on him
According to the Morton memo of 2011 Mr.Benitez is not a priority for deportation and qualifies for prosecutorial discretion:
- Has lived in the U.S for 19 years continuously
- Has 3 U.S citizen children
- Has never been previously deported
- His charges are all misdemeanors
- He has no past criminal record nor poses any threat to society.
Mr.Benitez is now sitting in Stewart Detention Center awaiting deportation. His criminal bond was paid and Immigration came and picked him up on March 11th 2013. Once again he is a low -priority father who qualifies for prosecutorial discretion. If you could please take time to look into his case that would be great.

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