Renew Authorization for Carlos Diaz, or Grant Citizenship

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We, citizens of the BucksMont area, Pennsylvania, the United States, and the world- firmly believe that families should stay together.  Without documented reasons for opposition, we will not support deportation of residents like- and including- Carlos Diaz, 44, of Quakertown.  This gentleman, and many others- is a tax payer.  He has primary custody of two minor children, and without true cause, no parent should be removed from their child's life-much less country.  We stand beside Mr. Diaz, and countless others in similar situations, and emplore Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to either renew his authorization to remain in the United States legally, or grant permanent citizenship.  We hope that with attention, cases like this can spark reform to national laws and policies.  Again, we believe that  families should stay together.  Please consider renewing authorization for Carlos Diaz and others like him.