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Darren Straus
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We are a community of friends who have come to love Martin - an asylum seeker from Cameroon, Africa. In the last several years, Cameroon has become dangerously unstable as the French-speaking majority government has imprisoned and killed members of the English-speaking minority. Thousands of Cameroons have fled the country, while others are hiding in the bush.

Fearing for his life, Martin fled Cameroon in October of 2017, made a long, arduous journey, and turned himself in to ICE as an asylum seeker at the Tijuana / San Diego border crossing. Shortly thereafter he was sent to the Aurora, CO detention center, and we started visiting him.

Martin struggled mentally and physically in prison and requested that his asylum hearing occur as soon as possible.  In May of 2018, without an attorney, and due to some inconsistencies in his story, Martin lost his asylum case.

We hired an attorney to help appeal and file to reopen his case. Martin was paroled in September 2018, and went to live with some friends in the Denver area shortly thereafter. During a regular check-in with ICE on April 24, Martin was taken back into custody by ICE, and is in the Aurora Contract Detention Facility today awaiting deportation.  The motion to reopen his case is still pending.

ICE intends to deport Martin to Cameroon, where he will be imprisoned and likely killed.

Martin is a good man, hard worker, and gentle spirit.  He has touched many lives in the community in just a short time, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He deserves to be free and safe, and build a life for himself in America.

How you can help: 

  • Sign this petition to demand that ICE allow Martin to remain in the United States!
  • Visit and share our Freedom For Martin Facebook for information about how to contact elected officials on Martin's behalf. 
  • View and share this Facebook video to help spread the word. 
  • Contact us at if you have questions or suggestions. 
  • If you want to contribute to Martin's substantial legal fees, you can do so by visiting our GoFundMe site

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