Immediately reverse the liberal decision on quota and protect jobs in NL!

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The recent decision by the federal liberal government to expropriate 25 percent of surf clam quota to be processed outside of Newfoundland and Labrador is outrageous.

Less than a month ago, the federal liberals chose to blatantly ignore the adjacency principle when amending the Fisheries Act. To further insult the NL fishing industry, they have now announced that they will confiscate the very resource that our rural communities depend on for survival. 

This decision comes at a time our rural areas are already concerned about the fragile state of the fishing sector. Snatching away the quota from the people of the Burin Peninsula is tantamount to taking the food directly off their tables.

This issue has been in the works for months and both the provincial and federal liberals did nothing to stop it. Their reluctance to stand up for our province is a prime example of putting party before the province!

If the Liberals refuse to stand up and defend our province, the Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will do it for them.