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To immediately deliver my son into the hands of a known, loved and trusted member of his family.

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No one should ever have to experience what I am currently up against.  As a father, I feel not only hurt but outraged.   May 16th I saw my son off to school, never suspecting that he would not return home that afternoon. Instead, the authorties came on his behalf and told me that my child is in their custody. I am certain that  he will be returned home, but what I'm not certain of is how the justice system can justify violating my family without so much as a warrant being issued.

For family members everywhere, I want you to share in this cause to bring humility and mercy to an emotional and tragic situation. I want this petition to effect the strategic approach as to how a child is carefully removed and reunited with family. Currently, the process deliberately excludes parents and immediate family members from the child. Why not have at least one unified meeting of the parents and the child in the presence of law enforcement before such measures are taken? It's evident that my child needs to be protected if harm has been done, but immediate family should see to his care before he is placed with the state. Regardless of any ones situation, every parent should be reassured by the Childrens Administration that the case is hanlded  with dignity and respect.  It is in the interest of the state as well as the family that the child is priority number 1.

  • Input on the behalf of the parents
  • CPS should not gain or motion for the custodial rights for at least 96 hours
  • Members of the immediately family should be notified and the child transitioned to them immediately.  

All of these should be done to focus towards the calm of the family and the more serious problem at hand.  CHILD ABUSE!

This could be anyone's child.  On behalf of my son, please show your suppport and advocate that the Children's Administration has over stepped their boundaries. Our voices will call for the return of my son as well as a united stand that this unprofessional behavior will not be permitted now or in the future!

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