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IMMEDIATE REFORM OF GUN CONTROL LAWS: Demand strict background checks of purchasers

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For far too long, for fear of losing the financial support of the NRA, both Democrats and Republicans have eluded the absolute need and demand for stricter gun control laws in this country.

Each and every time that there is another senseless slaughter of innocent victims by mentally disturbed gunmen, the mainstream media briefly reignites the "discussion" of what should and can be done to avoid another horrific incident.

We wince, we cry, we mourn the victims, even when we do not know them. Yet, days pass, and we fail to raise our voices and demand change!

When the Constitution was created, it was a different era, a different society, a different way of life.

In today's world, we have become numb to the sight of violence on television, in movies. Many live in fear believing their need to own a gun to protect themselves; yet statistics prove that possession of a weapon in your home is more likely to result in injury and death to you and your family members.

In summary, we learned from our most recent election, that hundreds of millions of dollars poured into campaigns by major "issue protecting" entities did NOT buy the election. We need to raise our voices NOW! We need to let each and every government representative from our local elected officials to each member of Congress know that reasonable gun control legislation and change is now MANDATORY!

I will not vote for or support any candidate to be elected to any political office in the United States of America, until they stand up and put forth a reasonable resolution to offset and eliminate any further horrific violence by weapons that should not be in possession of people who have not been pre-qualified to own them.

I demand that all branches of the United States Government, including but not limited to The Justice Department, provide stricter regulation of all weapon purchases by the public.

I strongly recommend, that all on-line web-sites that sell weapons without pre-qualification and background checks that include proof of mental stability be shut down.

I strongly recommend that public gun and weapons shows and events be monitored and regulated to ensure that each and every seller/merchant pre-qualifies each and every client/purchaser including, but not limited to a thorough background check, inclusive of medical records regarding their mental stability.

Please join with me to put an end to SENSELESS VIOLENCE.

Thank YOU!

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