Immediate Inquiry of Professor Tiffany Denman and WLD 057 Course

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The University  Writing Program is a prestigious program in UC Davis aiming at improving communication between students and faculty. Established in 2003, the program has an excellent track record of preparing students for college-level writing.  

With that being said, Professor Tiffany Denman, the instructor in charge of two WLD 057S classes, has proven to be incompetent at her job. In a 10-week quarter, Professor Denman has failed to show up for 5 out of 29 lectures assuming that she will show up for the rest of the quarter. While some of those absences (such as family funeral and sickness) are justified, the majority of them are not. As students, we felt that this is unfair considering that if we were to have that many absences, then there will be consequences for our actions. On the other hand, Professor Denman, to the best of our knowledge, receives zero repercussions for her actions. This double-standard to us is baffling. And while she might not realize the effects of her action, we students feel them close and personal. For each hour that she misses class, we students risk not learning materials that might be proven to be useful during midterms and finals.

In addition to her frequent absences, Professor Denman has shown how unmotivated she is at teaching. Out of the 3 essays and 2 practice midterms that we have done this quarter, she has only provided constructive criticism in a timely manner for only one of the essays. The rest have either no feedback or feedback that came the night before the final draft is due next morning. And the reason for the lack of timely response? Because, as Professor Denman has told us the second week of class, she was too busy grading SAT and AP essay. Apparently, she prioritizes her job on the side over the her university students. Thus, it should not be a surprise that the class average of take home essay is quite low considering how negligent she is at her job. And to add salt to injury, all of us students have paid a significant amount of money for our education, which pay for Professor Denman’s salary. Now, none of us are demanding a free grade handout. What we are asking is for justification of how a large part of our money went down the drain because of one negligent professor.

Thus, we, the students of both WLD 057S class taught by Professor Denman, demand that the faculty administrators of the University Writing Program grant us an expedient and thorough inquiry into Professor Tiffany Denman’s performance as an instructor at UC Davis. In addition, we request that the administrators take another look at the current WLD 057 workload and make appropriate reforms to accommodate the University’s shorter 10-week program. Last but not least, we request for reparations for the damage that Professor Denman has caused to our education. It is only appropriate that misconduct does not go unpunished.


We hope that the University Writing Program Faculty Administrators will provide us with a platform for our grievances.


Thank you.


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