Immediate Change is Needed in Vanderbilt's Dining Operations!

Immediate Change is Needed in Vanderbilt's Dining Operations!

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Lisa Pohll started this petition to Vanderbilt Administration and

Our students deserve healthy, nutritious, and dependable food options on campus! Upon arriving at campus and moving in, it wasn't long before parents and students alike started blowing up VU-related social media sites about the catastrophe that is Vanderbilt Dining! Since the campus came to life for the 2021-2022 school year, complaints continue to pour in about hungry students, the food shortages, diminished quality, the labor challenges, the never-ending lines, limited dining venues, the changes to items that qualify for meal card swipes, empty munchie marts. and more! As one of the nation's top elite colleges with some of the brightest minds in the country and plenty of financial resources, this is absolutely unacceptable. The canned responses to troubled parents and frustrated students from Vanderbilt are doing little to ease concerns and hunger pangs. 

The situation is so upsetting, the following article was recently written by a student:

How does it make you feel to know your students are having breakdowns over where their next meal is going to come from?

How are students expected to learn and fulfill their potential when they can't get nourished properly?

How do you reconcile the increase in meal prices with these ongoing challenges?

While there is a population that has no problem finding alternative food options, there is an even bigger one that does not have the resources to do so and should NOT HAVE TO in light of how much is being charged for meal plans.

There is undoubtedly a labor shortage wreaking havoc in so many industries, and while there are a lot of moving pieces involved, one area of concern is the wages being paid to VU dining workers. Perhaps it is time that VU re-evaluates the compensation it is offering these important workers needed to ensure our students are fed properly. 

Until this issue is solved, the following are some reasonable solutions that do not have to be mutually exclusive:

1. Refund 50% of each student's meal plan so they can use these funds to find decent meals elsewhere.

2. Remove the meal-plan requirement for those that would like to opt-out, and/or offer a meal plan option with fewer meals so students can purchase groceries and make food for themselves if their living situation is conducive to cooking.  If students prefer to eat elsewhere or cook, they should not be forced to participate in a mandated meal program.

3. Include munchie mart items in meal swipes instead of forcing students to use their meal money.

Until you can walk your talk and show us how VU has become a highly decorated, winner of many prestigious awards in the foodservice industry, including Best On-Site Food Service Operation in the Nation, Best Food Service Operator, the prestigious Ivy Award, and many more, something different needs to happen. 

If you really take pride in your commitment to providing value through the highest quality, best-tasting, most nutritious, and diverse menus possible and truly embrace your role as builders of community, you will step up, anchor down and do the right thing.

From: Concerned Parents and Frustrated and Hungry Students!




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