Reinstate Dean White

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The unjust firing of Dean White should not be condoned by administrators at Immaculate High School. 

As an AD: Mr. White’s skillset as an athletic director was obvious. He seemed to always make things happen for Immaculate sports teams and his passion for the programs could be seen through his hard work and dedication to making things run smoothly for them. Mr. White never missed an event and his presence was always felt and appreciated by students and parents alike. He spent countless hours organizing and executing practices, games, transportation, and nearly every facet that goes into coordinating a school’s sports teams effectively. Without Mr. White’s involement, the fall and winter sports seasons would not have run nearly as smoothly. Mr. White went above and beyond his job description as an assistant athletic director. 

As a teacher: Mr. White was also more than qualified in this aspect. In his health class, he truly engaged students. He pondered the topics that had real effects on adolescents, and was known to often give advice based on personal experiences. In the classroom, he was always fair. He treated all his students equally, and met kids halfway if they were struggling. He was reasonable and easy to communicate with. His lessons went far beyond the classroom, and were more times than not extremely applicable to scenarios that all kids face in a high school setting. Mr. White was a true and relatable mentor for his students, which allowed him to create a very strong rapport with them. Mr. White’s teaching ability cannot be called into question, and students both past and present could give accounts of this. 

As a coach: Mr. White’s attitude of fairness in the classroom extended to the playing field too, where he was possibly most valuable to the school. He did not just teach players baseball, which he knew better than anyone, he taught kids how to play the game of life. He brought out the best in his athletes. His passion rubbed off on his players, who, in turn, found a true love in the game of baseball. Athletes absolutely loved playing for Mr. White. He demanded 100% effort and would sit back and let the benefits speak for themselves. He culitvated his athletes, and did everything in his power to help them attain every goal they set. He was a motivator, a leader, and all a kid could ever ask for in a coach. 

Mr. White’s respect, consistency, and immeasurable hard work should have been rewarded, not taken for granted. His firing is a move that will prove detrimental for not only the school’s sports programs, but detrimental for all the students he has left his mark on through his multiple outlets of involvement in the student body. 

This petition should suffice as proof of Mr. White’s worth and value as an Athletic Director, teacher, and coach for Immaculate High School.

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