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Keeping my step father in America before he's deported and killed !

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Hello my name is Patricia I'm 23 years old, I have a step father name Abbas who came to American on June 9th 1997 !!! He came here to start a new and fresh life which he got when he came into the life of my mother and his 7step daughter's who he's  always loved as his own ! He turned against his own people and risked getting killed During the Gulf war. He also was in a concentation camp for 6 in a half years in Sadia Arabia  along with his brother who is now a US citizen. Abbas went thru all the proper things to become a US citizen however he missed his interview due to a mistake he made. Abbas was arrested and charged with a felony for selling drugs in 2008 did 5 years in Federal prison and 9 months with immigration. Many Americans have a drug problem or look for income I'm not saying what he did was okay but for an American who has done this same crime can be forgiven can't he ? In prison he didn't do much but since coming home he's completed probation successfully with no violations or warnings ! He's going to learning works to learn how to write and read English ! When he got out of prison in august 2013 he opened his own business as a cab company that has been doing wonderful. Abbas provides for himself as well as my mother and some times us girls. I couldn't imagine life with out Abbas in it he's been there for what I can remember as day one so you'll take this man away from us and all that he knows your not just deporting him you'll be killing him! If he goes back to his country the second he steps off that plain they will take him and kill him! Abbas has known no other place but America to be his home!

So I ask today to find it in your heart to sign my petition and save my step father who is a good man just did a stupid thing ! 


With love Patricia 

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