Right to Breathe & Water Woes

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As you all agree that due to poor weather/wind speed, inadequate rainfall during SW Monsoon and the delay in onset of NE Monsoon as well as low frequency of WDs, all these have an impact on both Delhi Air Pollution and National Water Problem.

Some things are beyond science, the power of nature. Though I am very late to realize this power but able to balance weather systems in recent past to a large extent. Power drive ie. generation/intensification of real weather systems is just possible to overcome all the above issues.

The power to drive weather is at zero cost, routine activity, but due to real life disturbances could not perform well in recent past. As a result NE Monsoon news being reviewed by weather news agencies and still unclear.

Hope with all your support I would get a chance to work with IMD to go ahead with a test drive to deliver significant weather picture within just 7 to 10 days to establish once for all. Tested million times and I am 100% sure of Real Power over Weather.

Govt. or Money cannot solve but I only can. Sri Sai Baba had this power but not realized. Seeking everyone's support to prove this unbelievable power. Trust once.