Say NO to the BDS Resolution at CUNY Student Senate!

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Last week, the University Student Senate (USS) at the City University of New York held an open committee meeting to discuss bringing an anti-Israel resolution to the USS Plenary calling for CUNY to divest from the State of Israel. We believe that this resolution would have negative effects on CUNY campuses and that the USS should not consider such a biased and divisive piece of legislation.

From the beginning, there has been a lack of transparency in the procedure surrounding this resolution. We have not seen minutes from any USS meetings!  Our delegates are not able to update their constituents! How can we know what work is being done on our behalf if we aren't even aware of what's taking place?

The University Student Senate (USS) was created to represent the will of CUNY students, but many student voices have not been heard. Last week’s Civic Affairs Committee meeting, which was set up as a town hall, was scheduled for 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. This shows a lack of sensitivity for many of CUNY’s Jewish students, who are Shabbat observant and could not attend the meeting. I hope the USS will create more opportunities for students to express their opinions without having to compromise their values.

Most importantly, passing this biased resolution won't result in any peaceful actions for the region and it will not improve the lives of the Palestinian people. This resolution would only create animosity on our CUNY campuses and an environment filled with anger, confusion and hate.

We should focus on dialogue and innovation while working together to create an environment of understanding and co-existence. So that we can work towards identifying meaningful and reasonable solutions that will have an effect in the region and improve the lives of the Palestinian and Israeli people.

USS delegates - I urge you to reject this resolution and speak loudly against bringing such biased and thoughtless proposals to the University Student Senate.