Demand that Emerson College Negotiates with the Staff Union in Good Faith

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We would like to thank everyone who stood with The Emerson Staff Union in our fight to get our raises back! We couldn’t have done this without your support! We spent months going back and forth at the table with nothing to show for it, but when you raised your voices, Management finally listened. While we didn’t get our full raises back retroactively, we were able to secure three comparable options for our members. They can now choose between a smaller one time payment, our original raise but delivered in installments over three years, and a hybrid option in between.   Option 1: 2021: One-time 3% payout Option 2:2021: 0.8% one-time payout + 0.6% base pay raise.2022: 1.4% base increase.2023: 1.9% Option 3: 2021: One-time 2% payout2022: 1.9%  increase Now we’re entering negotiations for our second Collective Bargaining Agreement, and we hope Management negotiates with us in good faith.We’ve lost a lot of good staff over the last few months, but moving forward, we hope to work with Management to create a more fair and equitable place for Emerson’s employees. Our goals for the next contract include calling on the College to take concrete steps to work on diversity, equity and inclusion among staff, addressing bias in the job review process, true cost of living increases, and better accommodations for staff with disabilities.We will keep this petition up for the duration of our negotiations.

Emerson Staff Union
3 months ago