Let Jeremy Noe graduate SPRING 2018

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Jeremy Noe is on track to graduate and walk in May 2018. Unfortunately, the Department of Health Sciences at Illinois State University is not letting him graduate due to a misunderstanding of curriculum. He will attend the Chicago Police Academy in May and would like to use this experience as his professional practice to complete all requirements for graduation. His work at the police academy is focused on protecting the lives, property, and rights of all people. He will work with other professionals to provide quality police service, maintain order, and enforce the law. Jeremy’s training provides over 1,000 hours of basic recruit training and prepares all recruits to pass the Illinois State Peace Officer’s Certification Exam. More specifically, his experience will include the training of firearms, control tactics, and scenario-based training. The work that Jeremy will dedicate six months to is instrumental to public health. By the end of his training, he will have obtained knowledge in drug use prevention, gun safety, and how to prevent gun violence. Please help us in advocating for our fellow student!